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Uranium One

Social Programs

While each project is very different, our commitment to corporate responsibility remains strong. As we launch new projects throughout the world, we support the surrounding communities and give back wherever possible.

It is a principal objective of Uranium One’s social programs is to enhance the lives of individuals living in the areas in which our operations are based. This is achieved through key financial commitments to education, employment and rehabilitation programs, as well as participation in municipal and regional charitable projects.


The main focus of our social programs in Kazakhstan is to provide long term assistance to disadvantaged or unprotected segments of the population, including children, war veterans and the disabled. Our commitment was further solidified when Uranium One signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Akimat (provincial government) of South Kazakhstan Oblast (Region) and Kazatomprom in 2011 to develop social and economic sectors in South Kazakhstan. Uranium One believes that education is an important priority and therefore has invested heavily in local support in this area.

Uranium One has invested $3,516,700 million dollars back into the local community in Kazakhstan. Some of our efforts include:

  • Obligatory expenses under the requirements of subsoil use contract. The amounts can vary from year to year. 
  • Infrastructure support for the population/villages around the mine sites (e.g., drilling of water wells, building power lines);
  • Financing of medical, educational (building schools) and cultural services to the population.

Through its cooperation with the Canadian Eurasia Russia Business Association (CERBA), Uranium One is also involved in one-time sponsorship events within Kazakhstan.

United States

In the United States, Uranium One’s current social responsibility initiatives are aimed at supporting more than a dozen charitable organizations in Colorado and Wyoming. These charitable organizations range everything from education, medical facilities and emergency services. In 2013, we invested approximately $56,000 in the United States and will continue our support throughout 2014.  

Some of the activities we undertook recently in 2013 include:

  • A donation to the Midwest Health Clinic in Wyoming to assist with the operating costs of the facility, which provides medical support to members of the community. 
  • Donations to a Buffalo youth camp, the Casper Humane Society, Wyoming Rescue, Wyoming community foundations and local schools. 


At our Honeymoon Mine in southern Australia, all of our initiatives are intended to ensure that regional development and operations positively impact the people and the community. With a recent focus on local infrastructure – from building roads to the maintenance of groundwater wells – Uranium One is committed to sourcing goods, materials and services from local suppliers. In 2013, Uranium One gave over $12,872 back to community and educational programs. 

Some of the activities that we were involved with in include:

  • Support for The Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS), an emergency and primary health care service available to those living and working in remote, rural and regional areas of Australia. 
  • Uranium One Australia has provided The Bush Church Aid Society of Australia with a donation of $5,000 to assist in the production of a multimedia resource to publicize their ministry and the ongoing development of their remote mining chaplaincy service for fly in/fly out mine workers and their families. The program is designed to promote the wellbeing of employees and their families in a fly in/ fly out mining situations and enhance work capacity and productivity through fostering supportive work environments.


In June 2011, Uranium One became the operator of the Mkuju River Project in Tanzania with responsibility for the development, operation and exploration activities. This is Uranium One’s first project in Africa. As with all of our projects, we have been hard at work establishing strong relations with the local community, providing support and strengthening the local economy. This year, we invested about $672,000 back into our Tanzanian community.  

Some of the key activities included:

  • In line with our commitment to Tanzanian government, we sponsored and helped equip 20 wildlife game guards who now assist the local authorities in combating poaching in and around Mkuju mining area. In 2013 we also spent approximately $484,000 on anti-poaching. 
  • Developed and funded the Mwamko group tree nursery project, using the youth group from the Lkyu village. The purpose of this group is to create awareness on social issues such as HIV/AIDs and forming income generating projects. 

Uranium One and Mantra Tanzania is proud to announce being recognized as the Best Performing Company in the Education, Health and Employment categories during the 2013 Presidential Award ceremony. The awards were organized by The Ministry of Energy and Minerals (Tanzania) during the Extractive Industries Stakeholders Forum (EISF).

  • Education: as a recognition for desks donation and solar lighting of a Secondary school 
  • Health – for our HIV&AIDS program and support, and in recognition for our donation of maternity beds and other medical equipment to three dispensaries in the Likuyu ward. 
  • Employment – for our strong drive of local recruitment program at MRP through village offices (and open communication via notice boards and recognition by the community).

We feel that it is important to give back to the communities where we live and work. We look forward to working with our host communities in the years to come in order to enrich their lives and share with them the benefits of our operations.